About the Images

All of the images that I print are shot on negative film using a medium format camera. The negatives are then scanned using a drum scanner which produces very large files suitable for larger prints.

The files are then professionally printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper with an LED printer.


Image Names

In most cases I have avoided poetic, metaphorical, or lyrical names. This leaves me with only simple descriptives like "Rock and Ice". My intention is not to interfere with what the viewer sees or feels when looking at an image.


Print Sizes, Prices, and Options

The negative that I begin with has 4x5 proportions. That means if I use the whole negative, normal enlargements would be multiples of 4x5 8"x10", 12"x15", 16"x20", 20"x24, etc.

Print Pricing:

8"x10"             $30.00
12"x15"           $60.00
16"x20"           $120.00
20"x24"           $180.00
24"x30"           $270.00
30"x40"           $400.00

Taxes, shipping and handling are not included.

I sell my prints unmounted, and I sell them through Arts and Framing in Putnam, CT. If you are within travel distance to Arts and Framing I can have the print sent there so that you can pick out a matt(s), frame, etc. If you live beyond a reasonable drive I can have the print sent to the framer of your choice.

There are lots of choices and variables, so lets take the example of a 16"x20" image to show you what the finished image might cost regardless of which framer you use.

Image price: $120.00

Image mounted on backer board: $120.00 + $25.00 = $145.00

Image mounted on backer board, matted (2 ply), and shrink wrapped: $120.00 + $25.00 + $25.00 = $170.00

Image mounted on backer board, matted, framed with #15 Nielsen metal frame and glass or plexiglass: $120.00 + $160.00 = $280.00

The best way to decide is to call or e-mail Sheri (see Contact). She will be happy to help you.